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"Be The Change You Want to See In The WOrld"

Hawkeye & Friends was started because there needed to be a change. Too many good, beautiful and wonderful dogs needed a safe place to live; where their days can be filled with lots of running & playing or just lying around and taking naps; a place where they can spend the rest of their lives and get all the love & care they need and deserve. Young and old, in good health and not, Hawkeye & Friends has made a change in the lives of hundreds of dogs. We save and care for the dogs nobody wants – the ones who are old, older, have a handicap, medical problem or behavior issue. These are the dogs most people don’t want, the ones passed up for adoption, the dogs most other rescues won’t take because they are too hard to adopt. These are the dogs who usually end up at county shelters and are euthanized. But with just a little TLC the dogs that come here spend the rest of their lives here with plenty of good food in their bowls, lots of room to run & play & wrestle or just kick back and relax. The dogs are not kept in cages or kennels but instead are free to go in & out as they please into big fenced in yards. This is their home - their forever home.

Hawkeye & Friends survives solely on donations from people who love animals, especially dogs, as much as we do. Hawkeye & Friends is a registered 501 (c)(3) so all donations are tax-deductible. Donations help care for the dogs currently here and will help continue the never-ending mission of saving and caring for so many wonderful dogs.

Why is the rescue named "Hawkeye & Friends"

The sanctuary is named after the best dog ever, Hawkeye - a big, handsome and playful Collie Shepherd mix who was with me my senior year in college and almost 13 years after that. Hawkeye loved people - young, old, big or small, Hawkeye was your friend. A great story about Hawkeye comes from when I was in college. My roommates and I were all into the jogging craze. Each of us jogged at different times of the day and we usually took Hawkeye with us. He was jogging 10 to 12 miles a day. Hawkeye was a great jogging partner because he never had to be on a leash. He always stuck around the house and by our sides when jogging.

One early Sunday morning I went out on the front porch to get the paper. I looked a few houses down and saw this guy jogging towards me. Right next to him was Hawkeye. They got closer and I called, "Hawkeye." Hawkeye came running up to the porch, his tailing wagging and a big smile on his face. The guy jogging stopped in front of the house and asked, "Is that your dog." I said, "Yes." The jogger told me he had come by my house about 30 minutes earlier, jogging, Hawkeye was on the porch but got up and starting running with him. Hawkeye followed him for over 3 miles, staying right next to him, stopping and starting whenever he did. The jogger said, "Thanks for the run, Hawkeye" and then left. I petted Hawkeye on the head, we went inside, Hawkeye went up to my bed and took a long nap.

I said goodbye to Hawkeye in the fall of 1996. To this day I miss him very much - his wonderful personality, his "love of life" attitude, his happy, smiling face. Hawkeye's spirit lives on through all the sweet and sassy dogs here at the sanctuary. I like to think Hawkeye is sitting next to God, looking down, smiling. And on the really tough days he sends me the strength to continue saving & caring for so many wonderful dogs. I love you Hawkeye. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. See you at the bridge.

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