Hawkeye & Friends survives solely on donations from people who love animals, especially dogs. The biggest needs are monetary and gift card donations to help pay all the bills/expenses associated with operating the sanctuary - vet bills, dog food, utilities, rent, insurances, vehicle maintenance, cleaning supplies and more. I feed the dogs 4Health dog food which I get at the local TSC. The dogs are doing very well on this food and they like it. I buy a little over a 100 bags of dog food plus 35 cases of wet food (6 cans per case) per month and TSC is able to keep up with this demand. I get almost all of the cleaning supplies at the local Kroger and most of the items needed for building repairs & maintenance at Home Depot.  If you would like to help care for the dogs with a donation, under the photo of Lucas making sure I got everything for him and his brothers & sisters on a typical supply run,  are links to make a gift card donation or monetary donation. All donations are tax deductible. Lucas, all his brothers & sisters and I say, "Thank you."

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Phone: 810-417-3321